When design is a lifestyle. Eco design by Yuri Ryntovt

We, people from the city, consciously or unconsciously, feel that we have lost something. We lost the feeling of oneness with nature; therefore, there is always a craving for it. Whether we like it or not.

Ecodesign of Yuri Ryntovt allows us to feel this connection with nature again. The author lived for eight years in an ecological village near Kharkov, which he designed and built from clay and wood according to old building technologies. And on the river Orel near Dnepropetrovsk under his leadership was built ecohotel “FriendHouse” received the Grand Prix at the X Biennial of Architecture and Design in Moscow, as well as the jury prize at the ArchiBau Awards / ArchiEurope.

Ecodesign of Yuri Ryntovt is not a life in a cave and the use of primitive instruments. Its interiors are equipped with modern technology and do not resemble the homes of past centuries. But the decorative design and furniture create a sense of presence in the forest. There is a lot of wood and stone that provide comfort and warmth in the house and quench our craving for nature.


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