Villa in flight. The project “Larus” by Natalia Oleksienko

Ukrainian architect Natalia Oleksienko – head of the architectural studio “Evolutionary architecture.” They work in the style of Contemporary. The main creative idea of ​​the studio is to guess and read the code of the future project, to create comfortable conditions for all tenants of the house.

Project Larus is a mansion for a young family in the village near Kiev “Seagull”, Larus from Latin means “seagull”. The architecture of the house gives a sense of flight; the outlines of the terrace resemble the open wing of a bird.

“We managed to clearly divide the space into public and private zones. The rooms are designed in a single style, but they do not intersect and exist autonomously. Speaking of style, this is what today is called the word contemporary – laconic forms, restrained lines, modern design. Nevertheless, here can be seen the reference to the classical canons, and at the same time there are traditional symbols of comfort, for example, lampshades, reminiscent of the home, the textiles in a cell, the warmth of natural wood “, – Natalia Oleksienko.

Nature around the villa gave an occasion to penetrate into interior, birch trunks look harmoniously in the living room, on the facade and on the terrace – a special board of coniferous species.

The house looks ultra-modern and cozy. Luxury does not stick out here, but it is felt. materials used

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