Very large and very cozy Anna Marinenko’s knitting

T – talent

They say that a talented person is talented in everything. And in life you can often find confirmation of this saying. We want to introduce you to one of the bright examples of such people. The Kiev woman Anna Marinenko is a designer by education. For several years she worked in the field of graphic, interior and industrial design, but decided not to be limited to her main activity. Knowing firsthand about the role of details in the interior and the general atmosphere of the premises, the girl began to make interesting things of her own by her own hands, so successfully that they quickly became very popular, and her passion for new crafts brought her name to the level of the most popular Ukrainian designers. No less interesting is the way of Anna in marketing and distribution of goods of own production. Kraft objects, of course, are now as relevant as ever, but they also need to be able to correctly offer the buyer. What is the secret of the rapid and steady success of the unusual products of the modern needlewoman Anna Marinenko?

C – coziness …

What is usually associated with the word “cosiness”? With warmth, gentleness, calmness … With a sense of peace and the opportunity to relax, which in our dynamic world a person receives only at home. And for a complete relaxation in the evening of a difficult day, all of the above is useful – at once and more! This is how you can characterize the brand-name things of a huge mating from Anna Marinenko.

It all began in 2015, when Anna got a hank of very thick Merino wool threads and she tried to tie a canvas from them. Since the needles of the necessary size then simply did not exist in nature, they had to knit literally “on their hands.” It turned out an interesting blanket of large-large mating. The girl shared a photo of needlework online – and unexpectedly for herself in a short time received many positive reviews and orders for similar products. So she began to make her own original blankets and sell them through the Internet. At first it was a page under the name Ohhio, located on the trading site Etsy. This page was the starting point for a successful enterprise, and it should be noted that it functions to this day.

And the brand Anna Mo (the creative pseudonym of the needlewoman) does not stand still, is developing intensively. To date, there is already a whole online store Ohhio. A small but friendly company of like-minded employees has been assembled. There were even giant handmade wooden spokes, which produce specially for Anna Marinenko.

The range of products is constantly expanding. Plaids, blankets, pillows and rugs of different colors and sizes will decorate any home, so they can become the best gifts for loved ones. Wrapped in such a fabulous blanket or blanket, you can feel like a little Mashenka in the house of bears or a lilliput in the land of giants.

Now the site presents and clothing. Volumetric female sweaters, scarves and hats in the style of “marshmallow” will warm in the cold and will emphasize the elegance of their owners. And men’s scarves are more like a knight’s chain mail.

Fans of do-it-yourself kits will be able to buy everything on the site for “big knitting” with their own hands: yarn, knitting needles and manual. Also available for purchase are gift certificates.

Did not forget the designer and about pets. After all, our fluffy pets are real connoisseurs of the warm and soft. For seals and dogs, the Ohhio brand offers comfortable wickerwork and rugs, which will also become a stylish touch in the interior.

There are even balls-antistress special weaving. In short, no stress – only coziness!

… And success!

It is interesting that the idea of ​​a very large knitting is not really new, but it is the home accessories of Anna Marinenko’s authors that have recently raised a wave of excitement around this topic. Her startup was incredibly successful. It is worth mentioning that soon after the launch of her project, Anna posted it on the Kookstarter’s kraundfending site. And even before the end of the appointed term, he collected 177 thousand dollars – with the stated goal of 20 thousand! This allowed time to expand the range and open a full-fledged online store. When Anna stopped coping with the flow of orders, she gathered her small team. As a result of all these steps, hundreds of thousands of subscribers in social networks and thousands of buyers of cozy little things from Ukrainian craftsmen from different countries of the world – from Europe, Canada, the USA, Japan, Australia … On the site you can read many grateful comments.

But the main secret of the increasing popularity of the Ohhio brand is probably still that Anna and Co do not retreat and are not going to deviate from their original focus on this craft – something they want to share and that can transmit the warmth of their creator’s hands . Such spiritual craft is always in demand, it is such lovely things people prefer to give to their relatives and buy for their homes. Such craft practically reaches the level of art.

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