Use a pencil – plant a herb

Pencil with a secret. So you can call a pencil Eco Stick. This is an ordinary wooden pencil. It can be graphite or colored, in appearance not particularly different from other wooden pencils. But there is a secret hidden in it, which is stored until the pencil is spilled. When the pencil rod is so short that it is already inconvenient to write, Eco Stick gets a second life. Plant it in the ground, water it and wait. Soon the pencil will sprout. The fact is that on the end of the rod there is a capsule with a seed. If you take good care of a planted pencil, then you can grow some spicy or vegetable plant, you can choose to your taste: basil, dill, parsley, pepper, tomato, mint, melissa, spinach, onions, rucola, lettuce and so on.

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