Sergey Zhadan visiting Yermilov Center at the exhibition devoted to the creative work of Les Kurbas

The Kharkiv Center for Contemporary Art Yermilov Center continues the exhibition dedicated to the outstanding Ukrainian theatrical director Les Kurbas, whose work is closely connected with Kharkiv. The organizers of the exhibition recreated some of the scenery from the performances of Kurbas. Also, visitors can see the original posters for the theater “Berezil”, unique photos and reconstruction of stage costumes of that time.
But first of all, the exhibition is interesting for a number of cultural events devoted to the creative work of Les Kurbas. On February 8, in the framework of these events, a creative meeting with the Kharkov writer and poet Sergiy Zhadan, who read his new and old poems mixed with poetry poets of contemporaries Kurbas, written in the 1920s, took place. Particularly, the poems of Mykola Bazhan, Pavlo Tychyna, Mikhail Semenko and Mike Yohansen were performed.

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