Sergey Khokhol and his “Zhloby” paintings

The image of a man who, thanks to his so-called “business qualities”, quickly grew rich and was at the top of the social pyramid and gained a lot of opportunities, but at the same time did not have time (or perhaps did not consider it necessary) to tighten his cultural and intellectual level to the appropriate level, already long been a hero of anecdotes. But this image did not remain indifferent and the artist Sergiy Khokhol (the real name is Sergiy Mizencev). The artist depicts his characters on canvases in the form of arrogant aristocrats, but makes it clear that at the spiritual level, they failed to rise above the miserable everyday life, which inscribed their images. The artist did not walk around in his sarcasm and members of the British royal family, placing them in the realities of ordinary Kievans from non-prestigious areas of the city.

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