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Project of Marian Ivasik Up Magazine

The author of the original project Up Magazine was a young photographer from Lviv Marian Ivasyk, who is known for his design work as a graphic designer at the Lviv studio Leo D’uk Design. Marian Ivasyk is currently working with Kurka Design (Poland). Up Magazine’s project consists of black and white photographs taken in different parts of Europe. The feature of the project is that all the photographs depict the roofs of buildings, pieces of the sky, the tops of trees, clouds, flying planes, and so on. That is, each one of us has a chance to see if he heads up.

The author himself says about the project: “The project Up Magzaine is a small magazine that collects photographs from different cities of Europe, namely, the upper parts of cities, that is, the hills, sky, clouds. People often lower their heads and do not look around them around.

With this project, I wanted to show people that it is only worth raising my head up and you can see a lot of interesting things, and as soon as we go on life with a raised head, we will all be received.

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