New collection of Bob Basset & Gara

There is such an unusual designer of leather goods – Bob Basset in Kharkiv. Who came across of his mask, does not remain indifferent. “The most frightful masks are always humanoid,” says Bob Basset, “when you look at a human face and realize that this is not a human face, but you can not explain what it is. Symmetry is destroyed in them. It’s very difficult to make such things and I think these are the most interesting works”. Each mask creates new expression.
Sergei Petrov, the creator of the brand Bob Basset, does not imitate anything, he creates new images using masks. Every image needs to be deciphered or felt. But the main message in them is the creation of a new reality in art, what Sergei Petrov calls technomantism.
A new collection of Bob Basset & Gara, released in September 2017, introduces the bird’s image into masks. The brand is moving away from purely anthropomorphic masks here and continues its experiment further.

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