Modern Ukrainian artists of world renown

Among modern Ukrainian artists there are many such that are well-known all over the world among connoisseurs and experts in the field of painting. Their paintings are very highly valued and sold for sale for fabulous for our country money. The works of these artists occupy worthy places in the expositions of the largest and most famous world museums, as well as in private collections of foreign collectors. The paradox is that respected and popular artists abroad, and their work is often almost unknown at home, except in a very narrow circle of professionals. Let’s try to correct this unjust and unfortunate misunderstanding and introduce the readers to some of these people and their creativity.

Alexander Roitburd

Alexander Roitburd is probably one of the most famous contemporary Ukrainian artists in the world. Alexander Anatolyevich is a native of Odessa, is the director of the Odessa Art Museum. In the range of his interests, in addition to painting, photography, video and graphics are included. Basically, creativity and life of Roitburd are connected and are held in Kiev and Odessa. The works of Roitburd are versatile, but, as a rule, shocking.
Personal exhibitions of Roitburd were held in Ukraine, Russia and the United States.
Alexander Anatolyevich is the owner of a kind of record – his work is considered the most expensive modern Ukrainian work of art. It’s about the film “Farewell, Caravaggio,” which was sold for an amount of ninety-seven thousand US dollars.

Farewell, Caravaggio

Skovoroda in the Garden of Divine Songs

Goethe in Weimar

Massacre on Chios

“Portrait of Yuri Gagarin. From the series “If there is no water in the tap …” 2010

Buddha Mamai

Opus # 3

Samurai Mamai



Vasiliy Tsagolov

Vasily Tsagolov, a native of Digor in North Ossetia, has been living and working in the Ukrainian capital since his studies at the State Academy of Arts in Kiev. Vasily Tsagolov is one of the most expensive and most popular contemporary Ukrainian artists. His personal “cash equivalent of popularity” was pulled at fifty-three thousand six hundred US dollars – the picture of the artist named “Office Love-2” from the cycle “Office Love” was sold for this amount at auction in 2009. In the same year at the auction Sotebue’s another picture of Tsagolov “Bunny” was purchased for an amount of forty one thousand dollars.

Personal exhibitions Tsaglov held in galleries of Ukraine and Russia, he also took part in group exhibitions in these countries, as well as in the United States and France.

Among the reviews and characteristics of critics and art critics, Vasily Tsaglov’s definition of Aksinya Kurina as the most cinematic contemporary Ukrainian artist is interesting.

“”Office love-2”


“Orgy”, 2006

Double landing”

Portrait of an old man. (From the series “At fear, the eyes are great”). Oil on canvas, 2011

“Do not be scared”, 2014

Work from the series “Fear of the eye is great.” “Fly”, 2011

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