Manu – Peruvian cuisine restaurant from YOD design studio

YOD design studio is a design bureau that specializes in the design of commercial public premises: cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels, as well as object design. Manu, a Peruvian cuisine restaurant, one of the most exotic and luxurious of their facilities. Everything in the restaurant recalls the Inca gold. The most effective part of the restaurant is a large metal installation along the staircase, which leads to the second floor. It seems that you are in an underground labyrinth or a mountain cave, where the treasures of the Incas are hidden. Lamps in the form of hoops also attract attention. They imitate the concentric terraces of Moray. But the lighting plays the most important role in the restaurant. Lighting is chosen for different times of the day, that transforms the restaurant, makes it dynamic and unpredictable.


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