Manicure tools Staleks – made in Ukraine

Using manicure tools to properly fit the nails on your hands and feet allows you to avoid many problems. Manicure tools not only provide personal hygiene, but also provide other benefits. Contrary to the established tradition, manicure is a privilege not only for women. The nails of men also need care.

Manicure tools Stalex are made for both individual use and professional care. Each person should not only own such devices, but also consider the opportunity to spend a little more to choose the best!

Manicure tools. A bit about cuticle scissors

Scissors for the cuticle or nails – this is the first and most important thing that everyone should have, even if you spend a couple of minutes a week on nail care. Good scissors should be strong, tough and sharp. The only right decision is to choose the best quality steel.

Cuticle scissors should be:

Small, compact
Easily portable
Simple to use in the right or left hand

Types of scissors

Cuticle scissors and nails primarily differ in power.

For thin nails make scissors with longer blades.

For stronger nails, on the contrary, you need a longer shoulder, and the blade is shorter. This provides more powerful pressure.

Recommendations from manufacturers Staleks. What you need to check when buying cuticle scissors

  1. Voltage. Test-compress to check resistance. Scissors that are too loose during cutting can bend or tear the nail. Too tight scissors will wear out quickly. Make sure that the scissors are not too loose, holding one scissor loop so that the scissors are vertical. Raise the other blade to the highest point and leave it. Well-machined scissors will only approach the cutting point (the point where the blades begin to touch), and no further.
  2. Lack of clearance. Each pointed edge should be completely closed when closing. Raise the scissors to the light and gently close it, there should be no gaps. If the blades are loose, scissors can “chew” on the nails.
  3. No overlap. Close the scissors and check that the blades do not extend beyond the outer edge of each other.
  4. Sound. Bring the scissors close to your ear and listen as you open and close them. Properly processed scissors will have a gentle, smooth, almost melodious sound. Noise should not sound “rough”, like gravel rubbing.

It should be noted that when well-treated scissors take care of the nails and use them properly, they are completely safe. However, scissors have moving parts, and they require periodic lubrication.

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