Romantic featheriness of Alexander Lidagovsky

Artist of our time

The works of the Ukrainian sculptor Alexander Lidagovsky are shrill modern. They are in tune with our time, the world and the pace of life. In the era of the Internet and social networks, contemplation of art gives way to the involvement of the viewer, that is, interaction and co-creation. Art objects created by Lidagovskiy invite us to interact. Through them you can take a new look at the usual things, you can make selfi, becoming a part of these objects, and some of them can even be completely free of charge to pick up yourself, discovering in an unexpected place. And in this dialogue with the author with pleasure you enter, because you feel his genuine interest in feedback. This is modern art, as it is, in its best manifestation.

Non-artifical art of Alexander Lidagovsky

Alexander Lidagovsky is an artist with great experience. As a true creator, he is always in search of new ideas and forms of their incarnation. Among his works are nonclassical monuments in classical bronze, gigantic sculptures of cardboard, multilayered figures of steel sheets, kinetic sculptures that can be set in motion, as well as amusing antics such as fake meteorites from garbage, plaster birds and much more. These creative searches are understandable to the viewer, because they are about people and for people. In particular, cardboard sculptures were exhibited in Japan, had a great success at the Biennale in the Netherlands, were sold out by collectors and galleries. Maybe because first of all it’s a creation of a romantic and a dreamer. It would seem that the paper is not the most convenient material for the sculptor, not the most durable, more suitable for two-dimensional images. But the author succeeded in his unusual plan. Just as it is possible to create from solid sheets of cold metal three-dimensional figures with smooth lines, from which the living heat radiates. The diverse creativity of Lidagovsky combines emotionality and sensuality. A romantic aura even bows from the names of installations: “River-Love”, “Love-Universe”, “Balance”, “A Girl Trying on Clouds” … And they are united by the artist’s sincere belief in the concept of street art as an art output beyond the artificial space workshops and galleries – going out to meet people and honest human reactions.

Romantic weightlessness in the middle of the city

Walking around Kiev, you can find several sculptures of Alexander Lidagovsky. Most often they are female and paired figures of bonded metal sheets, which together create a three-dimensional image. From different sides they are perceived in different ways. In addition, the steel faces have a mirror surface. Sculptures fit organically into the park landscape, do not look like something alien. Perhaps this is the most suitable place for their exposure, because if you look at them directly, the figures become transparent, and the lines behind the lines are superimposed on the natural background – the ends of the sheets. We see the street as if under a musical staff or strings. However, everyone will have their own associations. Thus, the space surrounding the artifact turns into a new work of art – momentary, changing in time and only “yours”. It turns out that the air between the layers of these creations is no longer a void, but a place for filling with own meanings. Their translucency works like a hint or an unexpected thought that will fly further along the city with hundreds of people running past the sculpture in the park. Modern art finds unexpected ways to its recipients, even in the daily urban bustle, and not only in the quiet halls of galleries.

His favorite images are, of course, female. The author named the exhibition dedicated to them “Feminy”. These are beautiful, exciting and touching women in thoughtful, sometimes defenseless poses. Many figures are created as if frozen in flight, when only a small point of contact connects them to the ground. And some, on the contrary, are only half visible above the ground, as if they had just emerged from under a calm surface.

And the sculptor arranges gypsum birds in Kiev, very similar to the real ones. And anyone who finds such an art-thing, can easily take it to himself, if he wants. A kind of material message from the author. With good humor and an elegant reminder of the artist’s eternal mission – to bring beauty to the world.

Here is such a serious and mischievous straight-art from Alexander Lidagovsky.

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