Design Interior

Lecture space “Educational Station 31В1” by Slava Balbek

Vyacheslav Balbek is one of the most famous architects and designers in Ukraine. Together with Olga Bogdanova, he organized the architectural bureau 2B.GROUP. The bureau often makes design of public and commercial premises. In 2015, for the organization of the “Cultural Project”, Slava Balbek together with Andrei Berezinsky implemented the design of the educational space 31B1. This is an office for lectures and trainings in the humanitarian sphere, meetings with famous writers, musicians, artists, and culturologists. The room is strictly divided into functional areas. The main zone – the audience for lectures is devoid of accents and expressiveness due to monochrome, it is completely white. The designers used such a method, so that the main emphasis was on the lecturer and his story in this space. The rest zone, on the contrary, is made in bright yellow color, which liberates and gives cheerfulness, creating an informal atmosphere.

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