Julia Mokhovikova – expression first of all

Julia Mokhovikova was born and grew up in Kiev. She obtained higher artistic education in the school of painting Cours Prive MJM in Nice. The artist works are in the style of neo-expressionism with her own individual handwriting. Over the past few years, she traveled the world in search of inspiration, wrote pictures and participated in Ukrainian and foreign exhibitions. “I write what I see around, what I face, – modern reality through the prism of my perception, through images. Images of sex, cruelty, kitsch and vulgarity of mass culture in opposition to love, freedom, harmony, tenderness. ”

In 2010, the first personal exhibition of the artist was held in the gallery Peter Lik. The second personal exhibition “Self-Identification” was held in 2014. In 2016, the third national exhibition of Yulia Mokhovikova took place in the Kiev National Museum. The artist took part in more than 10 group exhibitions in different countries of the world, as well as art fairs. At the last Miami Art Basil, her work Boomerang was acquired by the agent of the Hollywood model and actress Mila Jovovich specially for the personal collection of the star.

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