The jewelery art of the brothers Kochut

From a youthful hobby to family business

“Once upon a time there were three brothers …” – so often folk tales begin. And we want to talk about real brothers, but engaged in unusual, rare in our time, in something fabulous craft – jewelry business. Yuri, Roman and Igor Kochuta were born and live in Uzhhorod. Young people since childhood have been fascinated by quite exotic activities: historical reconstructions, fire show. And whatever they were interested in, for all their youth, they took it seriously, constantly developing and raising their level of skills. So Roman, while still a schoolboy, began to make jewelry with his own hands. They turned out to be unpretentious then, as he admits now, but he wanted to learn and do it professionally. Then the brothers joined him: they carried out his tasks, and then independently produced rings and pendants made of copper and brass, which could already be offered to customers. Having received several master classes from experienced jewelers and having bought the necessary equipment, the guys began to work with gold, silver, and natural stones. There are buyers, and their number is constantly growing. So the general hobby was reborn into a serious craft, and then into the family business. At the moment, the Kochut brothers are popular jewelers, they are invited to creative meetings and interviews, their products are loved and bought in Ukraine and Europe. But the brothers primarily relate to the jewelry business as their favorite hobby, to the creative process that brings them great pleasure. “It’s important to do everything in a harmonious way,” they say. “We need to love what you do, otherwise nothing will turn out.”

“Wild” beauty handmade

What kind of jewelry do you want to wear? What are they looking at when choosing a jewelry for a present? Appreciate usually the appearance and technique of implementation. Handmade jewelry is attracted by people who have an individual style or who wish to present something unique and memorable.

The subjects of jewelry works of Kochutov are diverse, but they share a common spirit of fantasy and folklore. Noticeably the reflection of the brothers’ love for historical reconstructions, after all, Roman wanted to try to make decorations after a long work on armor and chain mail. Of course, the kind of jewelry affects the inner world of the masters, their ideas about the beautiful. The connection with folk art is not always literal, but it seems to suggest thoughts of universal folklore – such as it could be in fictitious, fantastic countries. The influence of both the Celts, and the ancient Slavs, and, of course, the native roots of jewelers, can be traced. For example, a whole series of products of brothers is dedicated to Ukrainian symbolism.

Another series of works is based on natural motifs: “Winter’s Tale”, “Supermoon”, “Sun Forest”, “Northern Lights” … The nomads gravitate towards natural materials and textures, therefore their works are often even closer to natural objects, rather than to man-made. It is felt that many works of the brothers are invested not only with external beauty, but also with an internal philosophical content that can remind their owners of the eternal, unearthly, exceptional. This is indicated by their appearance and names: “Reincarnation”, “All-seeing eye”, “Source of life” …

Speaking about the technique of execution, the masters are attracted by the “wild”, natural appearance of metal and stones. And to achieve it, as the jewelers say, more difficult than the usual polished. At the same time, in many “rough” outside products, the inside is very filigree and elegant, with ornaments or inscriptions. This is Kochutov’s favorite method, with which a special symbolism is achieved, for example, in the design of wedding rings. “Life is uneven, like people who start a joint life, but in years you can polish the rings,” the authors explain. They are always looking for new ideas for design, textures, materials. For example, now they are developing designs for jewelry using metal that melts from the heat of hands, which means that these things can not only be unique, but also interact with their owner. Young jewelers believe that the developed spatial thinking engineering and technical education, which received all three.

For connoisseurs of unique

Yuri, Roman and Igor have not yet acquired a separate workshop – they work at home. Many tools they have in common because of the high cost. The scope of their business is far from factory, but they do not seek to put their art on the flow. They say that they do not want to replicate the same jewelry, but they can not: with their technique, each item is unique, with its own features and character, even if it is modeled on an already existing one. Each piece of jewelry comes out in a single copy, which only increases its value. Sometimes people fall in love with a particular product, even try to buy it from the owners, that is, the price of author’s works is growing.

The brothers also carry out individual orders – from the materials of the customers, according to their wishes, but investing their vision. Such things will definitely come out unrepeatable and can become family relics, passed down from generation to generation.
One of the most famous works of Kochutov to date – the crown for the contest “Miss Transcarpathia”, produced in 2015 and has since been passed on to the new winner each year. Young jewelers approached this project very responsibly, prepared it for six months.

Even if you do not have a goal to buy ornaments, it is worthwhile to visit the page of the Kochut brothers in Instagram or Facebook for the sake of admiring the beautiful filigree-wild works of young artists.


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