Ivan Marchuk – the Ukrainian genius of our time

Ivan Marchuk from the generation of the 80’s. Soviet Union is known by increased dictatorship of the communist regime before its agony at the end of the 1970s, the beginning of the 1980s. The talented young artist Ivan Marchuk was forced to leave for America in those years, since he was not recognized in his homeland. When the situation changed, the artist returned to Ukraine. But despite the fact that he organizes many exhibitions, he is known more abroad. Only in 1997, Marchuk became a laureate of the T. Shevchenko National Prize of Ukraine. In 2006, the International Academy of Contemporary Art in Rome took Ivan Marchuk in the ranks of the Golden Guild and he was elected an honorary member of the Academic Council of the Academy. This is the first time that a Ukrainian artist has been recognized by an institution of such a high standard. In October 2007, he was included in the British rating “One hundred geniuses of modern times” (seventy-second place). The formation of the rating was influenced by: the role in changing the system of views, public recognition, the strength of the intellect, achievements and cultural significance of each of the candidates.

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