Dinara Kasko at the presentation of a new kind of chocolate Ruby Barry Callebaut

Dinara Kasko is already a well-known name among the elite confectioners in the world. Her cakes and pastries are small architectural masterpieces. His culinary hobby Dinara combined with the basic education in architecture – that’s what turned out to be an interesting symbiosis. In September 2017 in Shanghai, Barry Callebaut, one of the largest chocolate producers in the world, presented a new kind of chocolate Ruby, over which they worked for 13 years. Ruby is made from cocoa beans by using a specific technology that is not disclosed. It has a characteristic color and a fruity, sour taste. Dinara Kasko was one of four confectioners who were invited to make culinary masterpieces from Ruby chocolate. The girl creates forms of cakes and pastries in 3D-Max, draws a model, and then prints on a 3D printer. Below is a video with a chocolate cake Ruby and other confectionery masterpieces by Dinara.


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