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Colorful earth and natural space in the ceramics of Yuri Musatov

The created ceramic figures of Yuri Musatov “breathe” with the potential creative capacity of the earth, trees, and mountains. The objects recreate the material, which gives a boost to the imagination, for the act of human creativity. One of the leitmotifs of the Ukrainian ceramist is the creation of a space similar to the natural habitat of man.

This year, Yuri Musatov presented a joint project with Natalia Zuban “Forest”, this is the result of a two-month work in the Korean residence “Ceramic Creative Center”. Shcherbenko Art Center hosted his personal exhibition “Moi Gori” in December 2017. Thirty-six exhibits symbolize 36 years of his life and those peaks that needed to be conquered for the acquisition of life and creative experience.

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