Design for treatment and entertainment. Complex Cuba Buba

In several hospitals in the city of Dnipro, Ukrainian designers Valery Kuznetsov, Ekaterina Kuznetsova and Vlad Brusilovskaya created a play space for children and their parents. The complex occupies 2.3 meters in height, 2.5 – in length and 1.8 meters in width. These are wooden walls and surfaces with holes. Children pass through them multi-colored ropes and create patterns. Their parents can help them. All materials of the complex are safe for children’s health. Children like to play with pleasant to the touch ropes. Cuba Buba helps to escape from hospital problems and reveal their creative skills. The complex develops motor skills; children communicate during the game, learn from each other. They are developing by drawing with ropes. This helps children to relax and creates space for their physical activity.

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