Ice sculptures in Lviv on Christmas

The tradition of creating ice sculptures is not new. This type of art is possible where there is a cold winter. It is impossible to create ice creations at the plus temperature. In countries such as China, Japan, Canada, USA (Alaska), Russia ice sculptures festivals are arranged often.

The sculpture consists of blocks. The sides of the ice blocks are heated up, composed, and frost does its job and binds them.

The cold winter in Ukraine is not so often, but the art of ice sculptures is beloved here too. The ice sculpture competition is arranged in Lviv city center every year for Christmas. Ice for this competition is specially prepared at the factory for freezing water. Each sculpture spends about 500 kg of ice.

This year the theme of the competition was “Inspired by Pinzel.” Pinzel, a sculptor of the late Baroque era, created many sculptures in Lviv in the 18th century.

The competition was attended by 9 Lviv sculptors, among them the winner of the contest – Marjan Korol. He created the composition “The Dance of the Angels,” which in its style resembles the sculptures of Pinzel.

Gordie Strouh won the audience prize sympathy. His composition is called “Spiral of Time”.